• Alar Savalis

    Alar Savalis

    Mid 30s with shoulder length brown hair and a short beard. At 6' his medium build gives him a more intimidating physical presence than most mages. His hazel eyes are cold and calculating, as though he's measuring everything and everyone around him.
  • Alfonse Quinten

    Alfonse Quinten

    An older gentleman, probably in his late 40s. His thin 5' 10" frame has perfect posture. His hair is white, as is his moustache. His eyes dark and most often expressionless.
  • Elvar


    Like all Sun Elves, Elvar is tall (7') and thin with a regal bearing. His eyes are a clear blue, his skin fair, and his hair so blond as to be nearly white.
  • Gerauld Trebius

    Gerauld Trebius

    A tall strapping lad with dark hair and dark eyes. At 6'3" and broad of shoulder he seems even larger in his armor and gear.
  • Lady Lauren Tarvus

    Lady Lauren Tarvus

    A pretty woman of good breeding, she stands 5'6" with long strawberry blond hair usualy kept in loose curls. Her eyes are emerald green and her complexion rosy.
  • Molrog


    Half Orc Slave / Gladiator