Alar Savalis

Mid 30s with shoulder length brown hair and a short beard. At 6' his medium build gives him a more intimidating physical presence than most mages. His hazel eyes are cold and calculating, as though he's measuring everything and everyone around him.


Alar is an Imperial task mage, a position that he takes very seriously. His current assignment is to keep an eye on the more dangerous prisoners being transferred to Baria and hand them over to the local governor. As no such authority has been found yet, he has found himself in the awkward position of being the ranking Imperial officer by default.

Known magical capabilities:
Purify water (and possibly detect impurities)
Can translate spoken language. Appears to work only on himself, allowing him to understand any language he hears as well as making those who hear him believe he is speaking their native tongue, but does not allow other parties to understand each other.
A wide variety of mental and emotional control spells.

Notable quirks and oddities:
*Alar always wears his Imperial Khata (scarf) that is covered in mystic runes as well as the Imperial seal. This is essentially his badge of office.

Alar Savalis

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