Gerauld Trebius

A tall strapping lad with dark hair and dark eyes. At 6'3" and broad of shoulder he seems even larger in his armor and gear.


Gerald is a young optimistic would be adventurer, come to Baria to test his mettle in this strange new land. His confidence seems unshakable, but the shiny newness of most of his gear says he may not be that experienced at the whole dashing adventurer gig.

Notable quirks and oddities:
*Seems over prepared for anything. Carries a wide assortment of weapons (hand crossbow on hip, longsword on back, short-sword and light mace on hips, as well as numerous dagger sheathes) along with a large pack and various useful trinkets stashed about his armor.
*Wears a combination of segmented leather armor layered over chain. Looks custom fit.

Gerauld Trebius

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