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  • Elvar

    Arriving on the same boat as the PCs, Elvar is an emissary from the Sun Elf nation sent to check on the Elven presence on Baria. He spent most of the trip in his quarters and speaks little with anyone. Notable quirks and oddities:

  • Alfonse Quinten

    [[:lauren | Lady Lauren's]] man servant. He arrived with the Lady and attends to her needs in this rough land. She is never seen in public without him nearby. Notable quirks and oddities:

  • Lady Lauren Tarvus

    Lady Lauren is from a wealthy merchant family, though not of nobility. Because her family has significant land holdings she is still entitled to the lesser title of lady by imperial custom. She is quite young, probably under 20 by her appearance. …

  • Alar Savalis

    Alar is an Imperial task mage, a position that he takes very seriously. His current assignment is to keep an eye on the more dangerous prisoners being transferred to Baria and hand them over to the local governor. As no such authority has been found yet, …

  • Gerauld Trebius

    Gerald is a young optimistic would be adventurer, come to Baria to test his mettle in this strange new land. His confidence seems unshakable, but the shiny newness of most of his gear says he may not be that experienced at the whole dashing adventurer gig …

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